Friday, January 15, 2010

The Martha Stewart Blog Show

Ah, gentle readers, yesterday was a whirlwind of activity and excitement for me, culminating in my appearance on The Martha Stewart Blog Show!

It all started on Wednesday of last week when I received an e-mail from a producer of The Martha Stewart Show, saying that they had come across this little blog and wanted to speak to me about it.  I'm not going to lie, just the fact that someone at Martha Stewart had come across this blog was really exciting. Since, putting it up in November, I have gotten some hits and some followers and some good words, but I didn't expect that someone from MSLO would discover it so quickly.  Nor did I think that I would be asked by the producers of the television show to make an appearance- I was just happy to be in the audience!

It was just yesterday morning, but feels like a lifetime ago, so much happened!

I showed up in the morning at The Martha Stewart Show studios in Chelsea, NYC and, instead of waiting in line with the rest of the eager bloggers, I went through the glass doors on the side, where there was a name tag waiting and Allie led me through the corridors to a dressing room to wait.

I tried to be calm and collected (and think I pulled it off OK), taking a few deep yoga breaths and checking my e-mail and my Google Reader like it was just any morning, not like I was sitting in a dressing room at The Martha Stewart Show about to be on national television.

The morning went by in a flash, from speaking with the producer (big thanks to Barbara for helping me to feel together and prepared) to getting miked to being seated in the audience (in the front row), amongst other excited bloggers to the actual show itself.  I was on at the very end (watch it here) and the other segments went by like they were mere seconds long.

When it was my time on camera, they showed images from my blog of cooking and sewing and crafting projects that I have done and Martha asked me questions about all of it - from the pork loin roast that my sister and I made for Christmas dinner (my first time frenching a cut of meat made it on national television!) to my little grey bag (of recycled materials) to the octopus that I made for little Maxotn (she really seemed to like that one!).  She asked me why I started the blog and if I had applied for a position at the company.

I brought Martha a gift of a stuffed elephant from my Etsy shop, Les Enfants Terribles, and was super excited that she really seemed to like it.  I made it for her with re-purposed (a grey wool skirt with one little moth hole, chosen because of Martha's Bedford grey house) and new (a very cool orange and cream cotton) fabric.

And, at the very end of the segment, Martha invited me to come and spend a day working with the art department of her television show!

I couldn't believe it!

I was so happy to be a part of the audience, filled with all sorts of innovative and interesting bloggers.  I was beyond excited when I was told that they wanted to speak with me on camera (seriously, I screamed and jumped up and down, frightening the cat and startling my roommate).  But, to be invited to spend a day working in the art department of the TV show!  Oh my!

I cannot wait to go and spend a day with the art director, Anduin, and her amazing team!

I'll keep you posted!

Martha answering blogger questions after the taping

Martha's very sexy and very tall shoes


  1. Saw you on the show yesterday and am very happy for you! By the photos you shared, it is obvious you are very talented. I have been a fan of Martha since her first book and always thought it would be great to work for her . . . but I have two beautiful daughters who keep me busy. Wishing all the best for you!!

  2. Amazing! Congrats on all of this great stuff!

  3. I was in the audience yesterday and just came to see if you had a follow up - you were so cute and did a fab job with your time on camera!

    Kudos to you for this blog - I hope you get a job out of the whole thing!

    -Whitney, Mommies with Style

  4. Good luck with the work day in the Art Department and looking forward to the blog post about it!

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  5. Oh my word, Briana! Drinks soon, indeed, because I want to give you a big ol hug! That is so beyond awesome. And yowzas, I would have never expected those heels from Martha Stewart.

  6. Congrats! I am so excited to see this happening for you!

  7. I was sitting next to me and am thrilled you were on! You deserved it girl. Putting this blog up showed kick-ass initiative so you really more than earned to be up there. Will be checking to see what you think of your day at Martha - and who knows the day may grow into something more. You go girl.

  8. I was also at the show. I sat to the right of you and one row back. Congratulations! This is such an awesome opportunity for you, as you already know!! I can't wait to see more updates!

    Oh, and those shoes were definitely sexy, weren't they?!

  9. Hi hon-I was in the show (also friend on Mommy niri who was nexct to you) and am dying to know all about the day AND if you have a job :)

  10. Brianna - I am so excited for you! That's great! I can't wait to see the clip. Congrats and I do hope 'a good thing' comes of this :)

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  12. Dear Brianna:
    I saw you on Martha, and I can't begin to tell you how much you inspired me. Firstly, I should say that I didn't know there were other people out there who were as crazy as me about making things -- anything. I teach at a university in Boston, and though I love it, my dream is to quit and just do arts and crafts. Actually, I am an artist, and I often felt less serious when I did craft work. I'm over that now, and I knit, sew, make holiday cards - you name it. Your blog is very innovative, and I just think you are doing fabulous work! I'd love to meet you some day. My dream, too, is to work for Martha Stewart. Check out my painting at in the member's juried exhibition I.
    Congratulations on a job well-done.
    B. Ishikura

  13. Thanks so much, everyone!

  14. So? Are they going to bring you in for an interview and work something out for you job-wise at MSLO? I certainly hope so, and wish you good good luck!

  15. Hi! I was in the front row, just across the aisle from the young lady on your left. Did they end up hiring you, or at least give you some hope for the future?

    Hope so!

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