Monday, December 28, 2009

Handmade Holiday

The past few weeks have been a hectic whirlwind of holiday preparations and parties and the holidays themselves. This year, I wanted to approach the holidays with the mantra, local and handmade. Some things I made myself, some things were made by others and still more things were purchased locally. My family - really the only people I purchase Christmas gifts for these days - are pretty easy and most of their gifts came from great North Brooklyn shops like Word, Catbird and Houndstooth.

The rest of my holiday was handmade. A few images:

glitter covered snowflakes for holiday cards

piparkakut in the oven

piparkakut cut out and waiting to be sprinkled with sugar and put in the oven - 
pigs and squirrels (I also made seahorses and skull&crossbones)

Swarovski crystal and felt bib necklace

stuffed pork loin roast for Christmas dinner 
(I know it could've been prettier, but I had never frenched a roast before) 

a row of Les Enfants Terribles elephants to fill holiday orders

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  1. hi! just found your blog, thanks to martha's website. it's just my curious nature, how would you know what piparkakut are?

    good luck with your job hunting!