Monday, January 12, 2009


What is the purpose of Hire Me Martha? 

The objective of Hire Me Martha is to get a job working at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.  Ultimately, I want to work in the crafts department, either on the television show or as part of her magazine. It would be a dream to go to work every day and research and devise crafts, tweaking them until they were perfect and then figuring out the best way to teach the technique to others.

Why a blog trying to get a job?

Many have asked why I started a blog as part of my quest for a job with Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.  Why not just apply, like everybody else?

Because I am not like everybody else.

I have submitted my resume through the regular channels.  I have applied through the career section of the Martha Stewart Website.  I have given my resume to friends who have connections at MSLO to pass along.  I have asked people if they know anyone or of anything.  I've reached out through Twitter and Facebook.  My resume is, simply put, with a lot of people.

A blog, though, with the dedicated purpose of working for Martha Stewart sets me apart.  It's proactive.   It shows the best of me and my skills and talents.

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