Friday, November 27, 2009


Once again this year, Tina, Sarah and I cooked a Thanksgiving feast. Last year we cooked for 16 people (!). This year was smaller - just four good friends, with beautiful food and wine - but no less fun. Tina did the turkey and a delicious British sausage stuffing, yummy Brussel sprouts (with bacon) and the pan gravy (and was a gracious hostess). Sarah brought the all-American nostalgia with a classic green bean casserole and an apple-blackberry pie made by a friend of hers. And, gentle readers, I was charged with cranberry sauce, rolls and a pecan-bourbon pie. I had made some cookies earlier in the week and took some of the remaining to share (and for my friends to take home with them for later in the week).

cheddar-herb poppers (recipe via the November issue of Bon Appetite) baking in the oven on Wednesday night

red wine, sugar and pomegranate syrup reducing for the cranberry sauce

a close-up of the pecan-bourbon pie, straight out of the oven

the brussel sprouts washed and waiting to be blanched and then a quick saute with bacon

bacon food porn

stuffing, brussel sprouts, mashed potatoes by Mark and cranberry-pomegranate sauce with a red wine reduction (I made that!)

slices of delicious turkey and a mug full of gravy

a close up of the top crust of the yummy blackberry-apple pie made by Sarah's friend, beautiful and yummy!

and, of course, lots of Cote de Rhone was our beverage of choice

I hope all of you had as beautiful and enjoyable a Thanksgiving feast and day as I did this year.

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